Webinar: Can cycling and walking help release the longevity dividend?

Date: Thursday 27 August 2020
Time: 1.00pm – 3.00pm BST (8.00am – 10.00am EDT)

If we are to maximise the longevity dividend, we all need to live healthier not just longer. Too many of us are being forced out of work too early due to poor health. And poor health results in lower consumer spending.

The Government’s recently published obesity policy paper recognised the importance of remaining active. And COVID-19 has inspired cities across the world to invest in cycle infrastructure. Places like Paris, Milan, and New York, historically hostile to cycling have created hundreds of miles of temporary infrastructure.

Yet in the UK, as we get older, we cycle less.

The picture with walking isn’t much better, In England, men aged between 30 and 69 actually walk slightly more as they age while women walk considerably less. As we hit our 70s there is a significant drop-off in miles walked by men and women.

But we know that whatever our age, active travel works.  We also know that supporting people to get to and around our town centres is vital if we are to begin to see an economic rebound. New and improved E-bikes and Scooters could play their part.

We have a relatively short window to deliver policy changes which could better support more of us to cycle and walk.

In this webinar, our speakers discussed what the UK needs to do to maximise the potential of active travel as part of our strategy to keep us healthier for longer.

Speakers included:

  • Susan Claris, Associate Director, Transport Consulting, Arup
  • Dr Ian Walker, FHEA, Department of Psychology, University of Bath
  • Cllr Suzanne Bartington, Oxfordshire County Councillor
  • Tom McPhail, Director of Public Affairs, Pure Electric


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You can download the slides and see the recording of the webinar below.