Safeguarding healthy ageing – Potential solutions to improve immunisation coverage rates among older adults in the UK

Alongside regular exercise, enjoying a varied diet and avoiding tobacco, immunisation is a tried, tested and effective means of staying healthy throughout the life course and a key component of healthy ageing. However, the uptake of adult immunisation is not consistent across the UK, and adults in at-risk groups may not necessarily know or ask about vaccination.

In this report, we have collated innovations from both the UK and abroad that have shown a positive influence for improving vaccine uptake among older adults. The report, funded by MSD, is informed by a literature review focusing on vaccine uptake interventions, which have been evaluated and published in international peer-reviewed journals, and through expert interviews with representatives of key stakeholder groups including NHS immunisation coordinators, healthcare professionals and patient advocacy groups.

Interventions to increase uptake of adult immunisation in the UK include:

  • Online GP records;
  • Out-of-hours clinics;
  • Smartphone applications;
  • Targeted mailings;
  • Text reminders;
  • Targeted telephone calls.


This report is intended for UK healthcare professionals, policy makers and patient organisations with an interest in immunisation or vaccinations.