Maximising the longevity dividend – tourism in the Caribbean – Future of Ageing 2019

Our second Future of Ageing 2019 open slot winner, Rochelle Amour, Research Fellow at the Caribbean Institute for Health and Research, highlighted the importance of inclusivity in current tourism approaches and facilities and of recognising the diversity of older people.

The Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world. The industry is so successful that international chains and local hoteliers can influence local policy and industry regulations. The
Caribbean is also among the fastest ageing regions. In order to remain competitive both locally and internationally, the industry needs to pay closer attention to older persons.

Currently, destinations often stereotype older travellers, falsely assuming they want to play golf all day, are on a budget, won’t explore or can’t fit in with younger people. Despite the attractive warm climate and retirement-friendly culture, there is a lack of inclusive facilities for older tourists or visiting diaspora.

Inclusive policies can also empower older residents who want to continue working and offer better accessibility to and understanding of older markets.

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