ILC-UK Update – March 2017

Nov 28, 2018 | NEWS


Since our last update, we have published six new reports, including work on defined benefit pension schemes, and sex and intimacy in later life.

We have also hosted nine events, including a roundtable discussion on the role of grandparents caring for grandchildren, and the launch of a new study on longevity and retirement communities.

We have also received press coverage in the UK, Italy, Russia, and India, and provided media commentary on policy areas as diverse as housing to social care.

ILC-UK Board of Trustees strengthened by new members

Since our last update we have been delighted to welcome Jilly Forster, Founder of the social change agency Forster Communications to our Board of Trustees.

With over 40 years’ experience of running businesses and providing strategic communications direction to change-makers, Jilly brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the ILC-UK’s strategic planning.

Jilly joins Shaun Crawford and Diane Kenwood, who also joined our Board of Trustees in 2016. Shaun Crawford is Head of Ernst & Young’s Global Insurance Business. He has been in the Financial Services industry for more than 30 years, and has authored such thought leading publications as ‘Health Insurer of the Future’, ‘Senior Based Insurance’ and ‘Digital Insurance Transformation’.

Diane Kenwood is Editor of Woman’s Weekly, and also sits on the Management Board of the company, and leads the internal Content Executive Committee. She has previously fronted programmes on BBC One, BBC Two, Sky News and Channel 4, as well as previously working for the Guardian. She also currently sits on the Management Board of the Woman of the Year Lunch, and on the Lay Advisory Board of Chai Cancer Care.

For more information about all of our Trustees, please click here.

ILC-UK Publications

Does living in a retirement village extend life expectancy? The case of Whiteley Village

This report investigates the possible benefits of retirement village life with respect to life expectancy.

The Grandparent Army

This report examines the support grandparents who provide childcare to their grandchildren receive, and how grandparents feel about providing it.

How long will I love you? Sex and intimacy in later life

What factors affect our experiences of our intimate relationships as we grow older? This report examines the sexual and intimate lives of older adults, using survey data of men and women aged 50 to 90+ living in England.

Flexible and affordable methods of paying for long term care insurance

This new ILC-UK/Cass Business School report explores different methods of funding long term care insurance.

The end of the beginning? Private defined benefit pensions and the new normal

This report explores the scale of the defined benefit pensions’ crisis, outlines its implications for firms and employees and considers possible solutions.

The Missing £Billions: The economic cost of hailing to adapt our high street to respond to demographic change

This report looks at barriers to consumption in later life, and how best to address them to increase spending amongst the over 50s.

ILC-UK Events

Roundtable discussion: The value of advice

Tuesday, 21st March, 14:30 – 16:30
Central London

This private roundtable event will assemble policy experts to discuss the impact of independent financial advice.

Chaired by David Sinclair, Director, ILC-UK, this discuss will inform a major new report from the ILC-UK, to be launched later this year. The report will map the characteristics of people who receive financial advice, and detail the medium-term economic impact of expert financial advice on consumer outcomes.

This event is an invitation only event.

An ILC-UK and Mile End Institute debate: If young people ruled the world?… Maximising the voice of younger people in an ageing society
Wednesday, 22nd March; 17:00 (for 17:30) – 19:30
House of Lords

Recent elections and referenda in the UK have implied a growing intergenerational divide. Older people have voted in larger proportions than younger cohorts leading to vocal concerns from journalists, politicians, and academics that older people are having an increasingly dominant impact on UK politics.

But how real is this intergenerational divide? During this debate we will explore whether, and how policy can be respond. We will explore:

– Why are younger people poorly engaged in elections?

– What does an ageing society mean for the future of participation by younger people?

– What are the policy solutions: How can we get young people more engaged in elections?

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact

ILC-UK Blogs

Since our last update, we have published a summary of our press highlights from November to February,‘ILC-UK in the news – November 2016 – February 2017’, including links to stories featuring ILC-UK research, analysis and commentary.

We have published two expert guest blogs recently, addressing the defined benefit pensions crisis, and the future of smart housing. The first blog is authored by Lawrence Churchill CBE, Chair of the Pensions Policy Institute.

Entitled ‘The defined benefit crisis: Liabilities and broken promises’ this blog is a summary of the response to the crisis given by Lawrence at the launch of ‘The end of the beginning’. In it, he outlines the fundamental issues that need to be addressed to ensure a sustainable DB pension system.

Our second recent guest blog is by Paul Teverson, Director of Communications at McCarthy & Stone, entitled ‘Home Smart Homes?’. It provides an outline of the technologies which are helping to create responsive home environments, whilst also recognising the persistent need for a personal ‘human’ touch, even in the cognitive home of the future.

If you would like to contribute an article to our guest blog, please contact Dave Eaton at

Partners Programme

Membership of our Partners Programme is open to companies and not for profit organisations. Benefits of membership include: a discount on research, guaranteed spaces at events, your logo on 3 events and 3 reports per year, and advanced copies of ILC-UK research. We also provide information and advice consultancy services to our Partners and organise exclusive events.

Partners are exposed to the latest available research and data in the UK, EU and the rest of the world. Partners are helped to understand and plan for changing societal trends and given opportunities to participate in cutting-edge debates to help them remain ahead of policy curves.

The current ILC-UK Partners are: Anchor, Audley, Aviva, Centre for Ageing Better, Equiniti, EY, FirstPort, Hymans Robertson LLP, Legal & General, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, Partnership and Prudential.
For more information, see the
 Partners Programme brochure or contact David Sinclair,

Working with ILC-UK

Research and Events

Research and events produced by ILC-UK are made possible by funding from various sources. If you are interested in commissioning ILC-UK research or supporting an ILC-UK event, please contact David Sinclair,


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