Even theme parks begin to realise the business opportunity of longevity

Nov 26, 2018 | NEWS

  • ILC announce plans for 2019 Business Summit on Longevity
  • Total UK expenditure by 50+ households revealed to be £327 billion*

Speaking at the Future of Ageing Conference on 29 November, International Longevity Centre (ILC) Director, David Sinclair will urge businesses to respond meaningfully to the business opportunity of ageing.

At the conference on 29 November, Michael Kreft von Byern, Board member of Europa-Park and Chair of the Tourism Committee of the German Chamber of Commerce, will highlight why demographic change means that companies like Europa-Park cannot ignore the impact of our ageing world.

Analysis of the Living Costs and Food Survey by ILC reveals that UK households headed by people aged over 50 spent around £327 billion in 2016.

At the conference, David Sinclair, ILC Director will say:

“Longevity is everyone’s business. Even theme parks are starting to get it.

For too long, businesses in the UK have seen older consumers as unattractive. In a world with a growing number of older people, this is no longer sustainable.

New initiatives in this space have too often focussed on shiny new products or glossy marketing. Instead, businesses must genuinely adapt products and services so that they are attractive for all ages.

Europa-Park recently won the Golden Ticket Award for the best amusement park for the fourth year in a row. Perhaps their recognition of all the need to create a project which works for all ages has contributed to their success.

Organisations like Europa-Park have benefitted from creating a product which is attractive for all generations. It’s time for UK businesses to reap the longevity dividend.”

At the Future of Ageing conference,  Michael Kreft von Byern of Europa Park will say

“Demographic change means that our society will see a growing number and percentage of older people.

These people are very active and want to enjoy their free-time with all experiences possible. For us at Europa-Park, it has always been very important to include all ages and to create a theme park where visitors of multiple generations can all enjoy a great day out together.

As a park with more than 40 years of history, we offer family rides, a beautiful historic castle garden, shows, as well as some big roller coasters.

Many of our visitors have visited Europa-Park when they were children themselves, and are now bringing their own children along with grandparents. This is the best proof that our concept meets the spirit of our time and is valued by our guests.”

At the Future of Ageing Conference, ILC will announce plans for a 2019 Business Summit on Longevity.


Lily Parsey, ILC-UK lilyparsey@ilcuk.org.uk +44 207 3400440


  • ILC analysis of the Living Costs and Food Survey (2016)
  • The Future of Ageing conference will take place on Thursday 29 November. More information is available at www.futureofageing.org.uk