Delivering the longevity dividend by tackling ageism – Future of Ageing 2019

ILC’s fifth Future of Ageing conference was an exciting opportunity to hear from Brooklyn-based writer and ageism campaigner, Ashton Applewhite. This internationally recognised speaker will talk about ageism, its impact on business and the longevity dividend, and why ageism must be challenged.

Ashton argues that ageism is “a key driver of social and economic disparities, denying voice, access, and equal rights to many millions of people around the world.”

As well as debunking ageist rationale, Ashton argues that “activism of any kind is more effective if it’s intergenerational” and concludes that tackling ageism can only be done “by coming together at all
ages against all oppression.”

Research shows that older people are key to the economy, and so industry needs to tackle ageism. It needs to engage and encourage, but how can this be achieved? And what needs to stop to reap these huge economic benefits?

Ashton is the author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism and a spokesperson for a movement to mobilise against discrimination on the basis of age. She speaks widely at venues that include the TED Talks mainstage and the United Nations.

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