We're the UK's specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society

Our impact

We provoke conversations and discussions about the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next.

Over the last decade we have:

  • highlighted the power of music for people with dementia
  • helped employers prepare for an ageing workforce, and develop age friendly standards and practices
  • changed the conversation on the forgotten sisterhood for older women
  • began the conversation about downsizing and under occupancy, back in 2007
  • produced research that was used by both the SNP and HM Treasury in the lead up to the vote on Scottish independence

We have changed the media narrative around people having to work until they drop: now, it’s a more nuanced debate about fuller working lives, and how this benefits us all.

We created the first LGBT intergenerational project in the world, which has inspired others around the world.

We made it possible for people with dementia to have relationships in care homes, producing a best practice guide for carers.


What our partners say

“The ILC are policy and research experts on ageing and demographic change. They engage widely with decision makers and opinion formers and reach out beyond the usual suspects through their very popular events”
Lord Filkin, Chair, Centre for better Ageing

“ILC said they wanted this Factpack to sit on the desks of policymakers. I can assure them that last year’s Factpack certainly did. I’ve had many requests to bring hard copies back to the office.”
Tom Younger, Department for Work and Pensions

“The Drink Wise, Age Well report written by ILC helped us to get the issue of alcohol use and the over 50s to a much wider audience. ILC guided us expertly in the area of policy impact and engaging key players through their events.”
Julie Breslin, Head of Programme, Doing Wise, Age Well, Addaction