Webinar: Hot topic – Climate change in an ageing world

Date: Thursday 19 November 2020
Time: 2.00pm – 3.15pm GMT

We are living in an ageing world; people are living longer. We are living on an ageing planet; in a climate emergency. So how does the topic of longevity fit into the climate change agenda? What is the coherent policy response to the interface between climate change and an ageing society?

ILC-UK, in collaboration with the ILC Global Alliance and AAG are building a ‘Climate change in an ageing world’ initiative to be launched alongside the COP26 (November 2021).

This webinar provided an opportunity to feed into the scoping and planning of our initiative. We brought together representatives from industry and the charity sector to explore:

  • The need for an environmentally sustainable economy in an ageing society: as people live longer healthier lives, we will see a huge growth in consumption by older people – but how will carbon neutral targets and other sustainability goals impact the longevity dividend?
  • The future of work as we age: over the coming decades, working lives will be extended and the nature of work – already rapidly evolving, will need to adapt to the impacts of environmental change.
  • Diversity and intergenerational approaches: How do we move the narrative from older people as “casualties” and “contributors”, to “champions” of climate change and promote a new narrative where all ages are engaged in climate action?

Speakers included:

  • Roz Bullied, Deputy Policy Director, Green Alliance
  • Chris Knight, CEO of Legal & General Retail Retirement, Legal & General
  • Des Fitzgerald, Senior Policy Advisor, PIMFA

We stimulated a discussion on how we shape a “Green New Deal” that encompasses an “Ageing Society New Deal”. Healthy and prosperous ageing and planetary health must be considered symbiotically; our ambition is to inspire a coherent policy response that considers the interface between climate change and longevity.

See the webinar recording and download the slides below.