The NHS White Paper: Harnessing prevention for the success of future reforms

Date: Monday, 22 February 2020
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm GMT

The new NHS White Paper set out legislative proposals for a Health and Care Bill and committed Government to more joint work on prevention.

The case for prevention is clear:

  • We know prevention is better than cure.
  • We know it is cost-effective.
  • And we know it saves lives.

Yet preventative services are too often the first to be cut and the last to receive investment.

The Conservative manifesto made the commitment to achieve an extra five healthy years by 2035, and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP has said, “This is the primary long-term clinical goal we’ve set the NHS.”

On launching the White Paper, Mr Hancock said that the reforms will deliver a focus “on the health of the population, not just the health of patients”.

The Government has committed itself to set out its plans for the future design of the public health system. But what should be prioritised?

During the webinar we discussed:

  • How can prevention be best delivered by the proposed reforms?
  • How can Government use NHS reform to deliver its commitment to five extra healthy years?
  • What needs to be part of the forthcoming plan for public health?
  • How can the potential of technology be realised and how can we tackle inequalities in access to preventative health?

This webinar discussion was organised as part of our Delivering prevention in an ageing world programme, which seeks to encourage governments across the world to invest in preventative health and tackle inequalities in access to health.