The future of the high street in an ageing UK. What happens next

Date: Thursday, 3 October 2019
Time: 12.00pm to 2.00pm
Location: Fiztrovia, London

The ILC is organising a small private working group discussion to explore how the future of the high street may impact upon and be impacted by our ageing society and what needs to be done to maximise the longevity dividend on the high street. The event is kindly hosted by Anchor Hanover.

Over the next decade, our high streets are likely to witness significant changes.   

  • We may see more of a move from “shops to “services. 
  • We will probably see greater environmental consciousness. 
  • Technology (e.g. gamification/internet of things/facial recognition) will change the way we interact with the high street. 
  • The end of cash will impact on the way we sell and possibly even on the provision of financial services on the high street (e.g. banks). 

The discussion will focus on the following themes:

What are the challenges which emerge?  

  • How can we ensure older people will benefit from the changes we will see? 
  • Will older people face specific challenges as the way we pay for goods and services changes? 
  • How can younger and older generations drive change on the high street? 

 What are the opportunities? 

  • Could older people “save” the high street? 
  • What role could older people play in creating community led high street initiatives? 
  • How can we maximise the economic return of older people on the high street (e.g. could the nighttime economy better support older people)? 

 And most importantly, what should be done?