Retirement Capital and Online Social Networking

Apr 27, 2007 | REPORTS

How can society make more use of the human and social capital of retirees? This think-piece argues that in the explosion of online social networking, we have a new answer to this question and a new opportunity for older people in retirement.

Online social networking and older people are not often thought of together. But this think-piece argues that sites such as ‘MySpace’ and ‘LinkedIn’ could be used by retired people to make their human and social capital available for the benefit of society.

Here are some of the comments that the ILC-UK has received about this paper:

* Stefan Stern, columnist, Financial Times *
“We are now starting to talk seriously about ‘sustainability’, but meanwhile risk wasting one of the most valuable resources of all – the insights and experience of retired people. James Lloyd argues that this so-called ‘retirement capital’ needs to be used wisely, and that social media, far from being an exclusive playground for the young, could allow older people to carry on contributing constructively to society. This is an important and timely piece of work.”

Media coverage of this think-piece includes:

‘The age-old problem of online inclusion’ by Victor Keegan, Technology Editor, The Guardian

You can respond to this think-piece on the ILC-UK blog, under the posting “When we already have what is needed”, dated April 27, 2007.

Author: James Lloyd