Housing in an Ageing Society

Oct 12, 2016 | EVENT

On the 12 October 2016, the ILC-UK held a Housing in an Ageing Society event, kindly hosted by Legal & General and supported by the ILC-UK Partners Programme.

On Tuesday, 19 July the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) launched our “Housing in an ageing society” factpack with the support of FirstPort.

The report found a significant increase in older people living alone, yet millions were failing to adapt their homes to help them live independently.

  • The State of the Nation’s Housing’ reports that:Only around half of those over 50s experiencing limitations in Activities of Daily Living, live in homes with any adaptations.
  • Those in retirement housing are significantly more likely to be living in homes with adaptations than those who do not. Approximately 87% of those in retirement housing have home adaptations, by comparison to around 60% of other housing.
  • There could be a retirement housing gap of 160,000 by 2030 if current trends continue. By 2050, the gap could grow to 376,000.
  • Over 16 million people – mainly owner occupied, middle aged and older households – live in under-occupied housing.
  • Growing numbers of 45-64 year olds, and 65-74 year olds are living alone, with 6 million people living in houses with two or more excess bedrooms.

At the event we explored these trends and consider how policymakers should respond.


  • Sally Randall, Director, Housing Standards and Support, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive, Legal & General;
  • Dr Brian Beach, Research Fellow, ILC-UK
The presentation slides from the event