Funding Long-term Care – The Building Blocks of Reform

Dec 9, 2008 | REPORTS

An introduction and overview to the multiple different models available for funding long-term care in the UK.

Like many other countries confronting demographic change, the UK is grappling with the challenge of how to fund long-term care. In the UK, active debate about this topic has been ongoing among policymakers for over a decade.

Many different models of long-term care funding can be conceived, such as universal state-funded free care, social insurance and private sector insurance.

This report identifies, summarizes in simple form and briefly evaluates some of the basic models of long-term funding available; the ‘building-blocks’ of reform. The paper then explores how different models can be combined and integrated.

The report will be of interest to both a specialist and general readership, especially those seeking an overview of the topic.

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Author: James Lloyd, Head of Policy & Research, ILC-UK