Friday Five: on downsizing

May 20, 2016 | BLOG

This week’s #fridayfive presents five key facts about downsizing in later life

One in three homeowners aged 55+ (32.6%) are considering or expect to consider downsizing. This figure rises to nearly one in two of all homeowners aged 55+ (48.2%) when factoring in those who have already downsized (15.6%).

Lower maintenance was the most important reason people downsized or would consider it (56.0%).

Close to a third (29.3%) of those who had downsized or are considering it did or expect to release more than £100,000 in equity.

The most prevalent way that people did or will use the equity released from downsizing is to put it into a savings account (35.2% overall) or, for those aged 55-59, to put it towards a pension (34.0%).

Nearly 3.5 million older people are interested in downsizing and buying a retirement property.

For references see: Generation Stuck: Exploring the Reality of Downsizing in Later Life