Apply to join our Gen X retirement wellbeing panel

With the support of Phoenix Group, ILC-UK are currently exploring whether policy best supports the retirement income prospects of those aged between 40 and 55.  

Gen X workers are expected to face difficulties in achieving adequate retirement incomes – many have started working too late to receive defined benefit pensions, but too early to benefit from auto-enrolment. Currently, Gen Xers are putting in an average of just £200 per month into their pension pots. 

Furthermore, COVID-19 has created many economic challenges that have hindered Gen X retirement prospects, with 18% of over 50s saying that the pandemic has impacted their plans. 

In September we will be inviting a group of people aged between 40 to 55 to join a series of discussions about what needs to happen next. If you would like to feed in, please get in touch.

To express an interest please contact Patrick Swain.